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This is an eclectic colection of essays and articles about green home tech, solar power, backyard and other natural science, historical events, fun things to do and places to visit in Contra Costa County and surroundings, plus a few hobby pages, all reflecting the interests of the author.


Contra Costa County is one of the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties . The central portion is east of the bay's eastern hills and west of the Diablo range, extending from San Pablo bay in the north to highway 580 in the south near Dublin.

"Contra Costa" is Spanish for "opposite coast" (when viewed across the bay from San Francisco). Much of what was seen of Contra Costa from San Francisco in the Spanish colonial (1776-1821) and Mexican provincial (1821-1846) periods is now within the county of Alameda. While the cities of Richmond and Kensington remain with views of San Francisco bay, and the county seat, Martinez, lies on the Sacramento River, the bulk of the county is inland, over the hills seen from San Francisco and extends east to the San Juaquin river and south to the vicinity of interstate highway 580 in the Livermore valley.

NEW ITEM for 2001: Development of the Kenya Top Bar Hive (KTBH) for casual garden beekeeping in California

NEW ITEM for 2002: Complete plans Plans for a Kenyan Top Bar Hive (KTBH)

NEW ITEM for 2002: Slide Shows of the first half of our recent China trip - Beijing, Wuhan, a river cruse, and Three Gorges Dam

POPULAR ITEM: A residential photovoltaic on-grid system in Contra Costa County.

Online on March 5th, 1998 this is the first tracker mounted system in the County and still the only tracker mounted on grid system in the region.

Very Popular Item: Pearl Harbor Day - December 7, 1941.

History and a local annual memorial service. Similar to September 11, 2001, this was a day the world changed for the United States of America. Many significant parallels may be drawn between these two events, but are not noted in this pre-9/11 writeup. See how many you can find.

Hale-Bopp comet picture showing twin tails

Click here for Democratic activities and club information

Popular Item: Tube Electronics for High Fidelity Audio.

Includes pros and cons compared to solid state equipment and information on a typical 1960's mid range unit, the H.H. Scott model 299B.

Click here for Democratic activities and club information

Popular Item: Some pictures and descriptions of interest to cold war aircraft buffs.

Obsolete Reference - Click here for Democratic Party activities and club information

Recent Historical Item: Disfunction Junction

- view the construction of the 680/24 interchange - a key part of an almost one billion dollar project to smooth the flow of traffic. What a mess! Finally structrually complete, find out what it is and how it was built. Definitely not an official page of Caltrans or the contractors.

Updated July 23, 2001.

Copyright 1996-2001 Leonard G. Barton. Portions are copyrighted by others as noted.


While I have attempted to ensure the accuracy of the information included here, no liability for consequential damages is assumed by myself or by any contributors to these pages. Your independant confirmation of conditions, access, fees, and hours of operation of facilities is strongly recommended. Hiking trail reviews are based upon a healthy adult adequately prepared for expected conditions.

Political views expressed are those of individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of candidates, other contributors or organizations and in particular should not be considered as reflecting the views of non-partisan organizations reviewed or referenced. We hope that if these views differ from yours that you will take it all in good humor. After all, if you disagree you can go out and write your own web page! (Isn't it great?)

Recent History - Fight the Right March

Sunday, April 14th, 1998, in San Francisco Coordinated by NOW, this march was mirrored in Washington. Issues presented included:

*NO RETREAT on affirmative action.
*FIGHT racism and immigrant bashing.
*SUPPORT medicaid/medicare.
*PROTECT abortion and reproductive rights.
*STOP all forms of violence against women.
*BAN Discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation.
*PROMOTE fair labor practices.
*END the war on poor people.

Click here for a Democratic Club newsletter article.
Click here for parade pictures.

Recent History - Newt Gingrich Comes to Walnut Creek

A first person citizen account - very entertaining.

Mount Diablo Region Information Center

Mount Diablo.

One of the most spectacular natural sites in northern California and sacred to the pre-colonial Native Americans of the region, our mountain offers solace to all who gaze upon it.

Hike and Bike

Regional Hiking and Biking areas and trails. Only a few hikes for now, but watch us grow. Would you like to help add to these? Also - links to orientering.

Places to See

Demonstration Farms, Mansions, and Adobes. Each structure is a part of our history, and can tell us how we got to where we are at the edge of a new milenium


Airports, Railroad Stations, Public Transportation, Car Pooling and even (gasp!) Solo Driving info.

Movie Theaters.

Links to external pages sorted out by region. No need to hunt with your browser.

Natural Science Exhibits.

Really good sites in our area, especially suited for young people.

Play Trains

Full Size and Model Trains for Fun. Some information about local sites, with links to home pages for regional operations.

Radio Control Sailplanes

Learn why RC Sailplanes are the best way to learn to fly RC aircraft. How to modify kits for durability. How to build your own bungee launch setup.

Local Historic Landmarks

Index to local landmarks (external page).


Text from the Walnut Creek Democratic Club newsletter is Copyright 1995-96 under the Berne Convention by the Walnut Creek Democratic club and may be freely copied for inclusion in other Democratic Club newsletters and Democratic candidate's materials, with attribution, with the exception of copyrighted materials in newsletter excerpts marked as copyrighted and reproduced by permission by others. Pages and images marked as copyrighted may not be copied for inclusion in any presentation including Web pages without written permission from the copyright holder but may be pointed to using the appropriate URL. Images in pages are generally coprighted by the holder of the copyright of the page containing referencing small images ("thumbnails") unless other source attribution is designated on a page containing the large image.

Free Pages Offered

Free pages offered to nonpartisan social, recreational, cultural, historical, and similar groups.

Old Democratic Stuff:

Some pages are sponsored by the Contra Costa County Democratic Central Committee on behalf of Democratic Party Ideals, Clubs, and Candidates in the 10th Congressional and 15th California Assembly districts.

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