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"If stupidity got us into this mess, why can't it get us out?" - Will Rodgers

Current Press Releases

Newt Gingrich comes to Walnut Creek

A first person account - very entertaining.

Democratic Action Index

Democratic Clubs and Organizations

Central and Eastern Contra Costa Democratic clubs indexed by city. County-wide and district-wide organizations.

Grass Roots Campaigning

Door to door, neighbor to neighbor. Learn new skills, meet your neighbors.

Democratic Candidates

Follow the links to get the the candidates' bios and position papers.

Tenth Congressional District

Geography, demographics and history of our county's principle congressional district. The Tenth will be getting national attention this year since it has a reasonable balance between Democrats and Republicans, strong middle-class voter demographics, and a Republican Congressman (Bill Baker) who has strongly identified himself with the freshman Republicans, and the Contract [on] America.

Fifteenth Assembly District

Completely contained within our congressional district, we need to elect a Democrat to this seat. We are four seats away from regaining control of the Assembly. The current Republican Speaker (Curt Pringle) is so far off the scale to the right that he is squelching moderate Republican members. Your extra effort is needed.

Hot Rhetoric

Come into the sauna and get steamed!

Congressman Bill Baker's Big Green Lie

Blatant falsehood masked by clever prose. Read what he says. See how he votes. Draw your own conclusions

Republican Politicians Expose Themselves

See the top dogs of the congressional Republicans reveal their true agendas.

Media Commentary

Is anybody watching?

Some interesting external links:

Attaboy! Campaign '96

Contains lists of S. F. bay area, California, and national candidates, links to candidate and party pages, etc.

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Alta Vista, run by Digital Equipment Corporation, catalogs every page remotely and is not edited. Ranking of hits is fairly good - because it is not selective you might have to go through several pages of hits to find what you are looking for. Very useful to find other references to candidates. Ten Billion words on 21 million web pages are indexed.

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