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The Fifteenth Assembly District Information Page

District Boundaries

The present bulk of the 15th AD is contained within the 10th CD, with the exception of an extention to the east that includes Discovery Bay, Oakly, and Brentwood. While Livermore, San Ramone, Wanut Creek and the Lamorinda area are included, only a small portion of Concord and Pleasant Hill are within the district. The primary need for a Democratic candidate within the 15th AD is for us active Democrats to register additional Democratic voters. A potentially rich source of potential Democrats is available within the Eastern portion of the Assembly District.

Gail Murry is running for this Assembly seat. She is the sole Democratic candidate in the primary race. Click here for Gail's resume and statement.

Republican Candidates

Three candidates are contesting the Republican primary. Of the two strongest candidates, one isa moderate and the other an off the scale right winger.

Other candidates

The new Natural Law Party will be presenting Martin Spraul for this office.

District Voter Profile

The district registrations are 50% Republican, 37% Democrat, with the remainder minor parties and Declines To State (DTS). To win and hold this seat we must build Democratic registration in the district.

Why winning is important

Most of the laws that directy affect our lives in California are written in the State Legislature. The present Asembly is evenly split between Democrats and Republicans. Term limits will be causing a significant turnover this year.

How we can win

We will need your effort in our person-to-person grass roots effort. This is where you come in! The Democratic Clubs of the Tenth Congressional District are developing an organizational context to effectively apply your energies to these efforts. You do not need to become a club member to participate (although you are always welcome to join us). Although we will need many votor solicitors, all skills will be needed in this effort and you do not have to work door-to-door to contribute to the success of our effort. Another way you can make a meaningful contribution is to contribute your skills and knowlege to the other half of this web site. This is the "attractive" side that brings people to our page. Our page information is local to the Mount Diablo area (central Contra Costa County). Do you have a hobby, skill, or special knowledge that you could contribute? We are especially looking for topical information such as events, exhibits and festivals that will bring people back to our site and for in depth knowledge of local entertainment and recreation. Of course, we require all published materials to be both accurate and in good taste, and so contributions are subject to the whims of the editor and the club directors.

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