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The Gail Murray Page

Gail Murray, candidate for the 15th California Assembly District.

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Gail Murray, former Mayor of Walnut Creek, is the Democratic nominee for the California Assembly in the 15th District. Gail faces Lynne Leach, who is supported by the right wing of the Republican party. Leach is on record favoring the repeal of the assault weapons ban and opposing a woman's reproductive right to choose.

Gail Murray will bring her extensive experience in local government to the State Legislature. She held elected office on the Walnut Creek City Council from 1981-91, serving as Mayor in 1984-85 and again in 1989-90. She also was the Chair and a Board Director of the Central Contra Costa Transit Authority. At the statewide level, she was a member of both the League of California Cities Transportation and Public Works Committee and the Growth Management and Regional Issues Committee. She is currently Vice-President of the Diablo Regional Arts Association.

Gail is Principal of Gail Murray Consulting, a transportation and government consulting firm. In association with another firm, she is currently working on two contracts with the Transportation Research Board, a branch of the National Academy of Sciences. She has been Acting Assistant General Manager of AC Transit in Oakland and Acting Director of Transportation at the University of California at Berkeley. Gail has also been General Manager of Bay Area Transportation Corporation, a paratransit company in Hayward serving the elderly, persons with disabilities, and Headstart preschoolers. In 1990, she received the Governor's Transportation Award for outstanding achievement.

Gail holds a Master in Public Administration from Harvard University and both a B.A. and a secondary teaching credential from San Jose State University. She began her career as a high school English and journalism teacher.

With Congress' shift of federal programs to the states, Gail will be sensitive to the concerns of cities, counties and local citizens in insuring that the State of California implements these new responsibilities fairly. She also places strong emphasis on education as a tool in preparing California's children for the competitive job market and as a cirme prevention measure.

"The Assembly has wasted its time in petty arguments over who will be Speaker rather than preparing California for the 21st Century," says Gail. "Instead of pointing fingers and placing blame, the Legislature should be molding a vision for the future, along with a plan to get us there. I will provide that leadership and be a strong voice for the citizens of the 15th District to move us forward."

Email to Gail Murray (GailMurray@aol.com).
Campaign office: 2026 North Main Street, Walnut Creek CA.
Telephone (510) 946-1002.

For a report and pictures of a recent campaign event, click here

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