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Hi fellow aviation enthusiast:

Here you will find information and pictures on squadrons, bases, ships, and aircraft with which I have personal experience. I am publishing these pages because I know that others are interested in the traditions and histories of Naval Aviation and pictures of specific aircraft. I have personally found it difficult to obtain high quality images suitable for use as screen background pictures and model aircraft documentation, and so not only publish these here, but offer my site, facilities, and skills to all those who have resources to add to an accessable store of information.

Since I have (so far) created these pages with information with which I have personal experience, these are at this time restricted to several aircraft of the 1957-61 period.

As this is a work in progress, it may be rough in places, but I hope that this information will be of use to fellow model builders and fans of Naval Aviation. Your feedback for improvement of this material will be appreciated.

The supersonic Douglas F4D Skyray ("Ford") and VFAW-3, the only Naval Aviation element of the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) in this period. Keeping pace with the best of the Air Force's "Century Series" (F-100 through F104), this aircraft had exceptional time-to-climb performance that made it well suited to its interceptor mission within NORAD.

The transonic McDonnell F3H Demon fighter in operation with Fighter Squadron 31 (the historic "Tomcatters" night fighter squadron) on CVA-61 during the supercarrier Saratoga's 1960-61 Mediterranian Cruise