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Juniper Campground to Summit Hike

In Mount Diablo State Park. About 2.5 miles of narrow footpath with mostly moderate and some steep grade, some poor footing. Trail may be used by horses. No bicycles. A very rewarding way of going to the summit.

Juniper Campground is located high on the west side of Mount Diablo.

Park in the large view turnout. There is a small tree shaded picnic area at the campground loop exit. The trail starts at the back of this area.


The First stage of the hike is steeply upward east and then north through thick woods, with views of Mount Tamalpias across the bay.


The trail crosses the crest of the ridge and doubles back to the south and east. Mitchel Canyon will then be on your left. The view across the canyon includes the communication towers at the edge of the summit lower parking lot.


The trail then turns east around the head of the canyon, with views to the south and east into the Livermore and San Juaquin valleys.


The trail used to pass by this large green communications tower supporting "sugar scoop" microwave antennas. Obsoleted by satelite and fiber optic systems, this eyesore was removed in 2001 and the land protected with erosion netting. The trail passes to the left of this site and climbs steeply to the road. Go down the road to your right a short distance to the continuation of the trail, then up to the large lower parking lot.


You might see some hang gliders ready for launch.


From the parking lot you may proceed to a short trail between the one way roads to and from the small parking lot at the summit. For things to see and do at the summit, view the Mount Diablo Page.

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