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Copyright 1996 by Leonard G. Barton.

Some views from the summit

Although not visible in the picture, the snow covered Sierra Nevada mountains were clearly seen this day on the horizon.

North peak is slightly lower but much more rugged than south peak. It is hoped that eventually most of the communications equipment can be moved from south peak to north peak.

There are a number of little known yet scenic seasonal waterfalls on the north face of the peak.


This prominant outcrop lies just below the summit to the east. There is a hike up through this area with many different types of rocks visible. Some of the rock was scraped off of ancient ocean bottom by the motion of the earth's plates as explained in the Interpretive Center.


Splashes of sunlight on the fog resulted in subtle spectral colors resembling mother-of-pearl (the camera couldn't record it, your monitor probably couldn't display it; you really have to be there to see it). Picture taken from the Juniper viewpoint.

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