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Lawrence Hall of Science

Located in the Berkeley hills above the University of California campus, this hall provides extensive "hands on" science and nature exhibits, historical materials on Dr. Lawrence and his invention, the Cyclotron, and great views. There are exhibits and activities suitable for all ages (but see the warning below). The dark object is a full scale model of a whale.


Children and pregnent women must avoid this area. A short distance away from the air intake for the hall is the exhaust stack for the National Tritium Labeling Facility, where experimental pharmacuticals are radioactively labeled so their metabolism may be traced in experimental animals. There is also extensive ground polution of tritiated water, which is taken up and transpired by trees in the area. Tritum (a radio active form of hydrogen with a twelve year half life) is extremely toxic (particulary in its water form) and is both mutagenic (causing birth defects) and carcinogenic (causing cancer), particularly so for fetuses, infants and children. This information from a speech by the oncologist and activist Dr. Hellen Caldicott April 10, 1997. For the Lawrence Laboratory take on this see http://www.lbl.gov/LBL-Science-Articles/Archive/tritium-study.html, but be aware that the nuclear industry has had a long and consistant record of deceptions, half truths, cover ups and even outright lying.

[Ash_Fall_Layers] To get there from Contra Costa, go west on highway 24 and exit at Fish Ranch Road, just before the tunnels. While you are there, observe the exposed soil layers to your right. These tilted planes of gray and red are layers of volcanic ash from ancient volcanos located in nearby Sibly Park. Take Fish Ranch Road to the ridge crest and turn right at the intersection. After a three mile drive past the Tilden Park Steam Trains the road will lead you to the turnoff to LHS on the left at a stop sign.

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