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Fabricating Top Bars

This is alternative methods of fabricating bars that does not require the use of power tools.

Purchase 1.5 inch wide "door stop" trim or lath of similar width. Cut into approprate lengths for the width of your hive (typically 24 inch for a 22 inch interior space.

Obtain some cordage. This can be sisal package twine or cotton chalk line cord.


Cut the cord into 24 inch pieces and tie an overhand knot in each end so that the distance between knots is a little less than the interior width of the hive.


Melt a small amount of wax in a double boiler. CAUTION - this is flamable and will flame if spilled on a hot burner or electric stove element. Also, it is sticky and can burn by contact.

Using a fork, saturate the cord with melted wax. Remove the cord, watching for drips, and allow it to cool somewhat.

When the wax is cool enough to handle, but before it is solid, stretch the cord along the center of the bar, leaving an equal space on each end.

Work the wax into a peak around the cord.


Staple the cord to the bar after the wax is fairly hard(optional)

At the end, push the wax to form a block near the knot. This is to locate the bar when it is placed in the hive.

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